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Characteristics of the latest plastic wire drawing machine

Characteristics of the latest plastic wire drawing machine

At present, all plastic wire drawing machines on the market are drying free exhaust energy-saving plastic wire drawing machines. The main feature is that there is an exhaust port on the barrel, and the barrel is connected with at least two sections. The pitch of the screw in the first section of the barrel is different from that behind it. There is no need for a plastic mixer to stir, and it can absorb the water produced by the plastic during the mixing. The pulled plastic wire is uniform and smooth in thickness, not easy to break, and has high work efficiency, Less energy consumption. The purpose and standard of plastic wire drawing machine Wantai plastic wire drawing machine mainly uses polypropylene and high-density ethylene as raw materials. After heating, extrusion, wire cutting and stretching, flat wires are formed, and then rolled for weaving on circular looms. Plastic wire drawing machines are generally improved many times. 100% recycled materials, powder materials or granular materials can be used to draw flat wires. The screw and barrel of the extruder are made of 38CrMoAlA alloy steel. After nitriding, the hardness reaches above hv950. The standard reached is that the extruder adopts a hard gear reducer made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel, the sprocket adopts 45 # medium carbon steel well, which is subject to high-frequency quenching treatment, the traction roller is plated with hard chromium, the traction mechanism increases the self-control tension winding roller, and the extruder barrel, tee and film head are heated by cast aluminum heating ring, so as to be durable.


The plastic flat film drawing machine set is newly developed on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. The computer-controlled variable frequency speed regulation and silicon controlled DC speed regulation and other internationally advanced electrical digital analog control technologies are adopted, so that the main indicators of the unit reach the international advanced level, with high production efficiency and good wire barrel forming quality. In addition, advanced belt type screen changing structure can be added according to different needs, as well as fiber mechanism (for flexible packaging bags or production of fiber sewing and wrapping wires).

The plastic wire drawing machine has two kinds of blank wire heating structures: hot air stretching bellows or electric heating rice baking, which can be used for more choices and a wide range of applications. It can be used for the forming and processing of flat wires of polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene and other products.

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