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Working principle of plastic wire drawing machine

Working principle of plastic wire drawing machine

As the plastic wire drawing machine system is a very high speed requirement, this system needs to provide a very accurate and smooth linear speed. If it is used in ordinary plastic wire drawing machine to pull gold wire, it has higher requirements. The operation of this system requires the coordination between various motors.


The continuous production equipment of pulling head, by gradually drawing the required specifications of multiple wire drawing machines, disposable cold drawn steel wires, copper wires, wires, etc., and the winding of finished wires, has high work efficiency and small equipment floor area. The plastic wire drawing machine is composed of several parts: paying off, wire drawing, water cooling, wire taking up and cable, including electric drive. It is mainly driven by actinomycete motor, cable motor and motor, so as to realize its production quality and efficiency, which is very important for enterprises. The wire drawing machine mainly consists of some basic steps, the wire drawing process of setting out, the whole link with low accuracy requirements, the wire drawing machine, plastic wire drawing machine control, mechanical drawing, the decision of setting out operation inverter to drive the setting out frame, but there are also some mechanical drawings with double frequency conversion control, and even the drawing of link line tension draft wire drawing machine that can be directly sent to realize free setting out, and the wire drawing link is the most important aspect, We pull the machine in our work.

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