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Two common faults of plastic wire drawing machine

Two common faults of plastic wire drawing machine

Plastic wire drawing machines often fail in daily use, but many users cannot cope with the failure or even do not know the cause of the failure. Here are two common failures of plastic wire drawing machines:

1. Scorch phenomenon

(1) The temperature is too high, or the temperature control instrument fails, causing the plastic to scorch at an ultra-high temperature.

(2) The wire outlet of the machine head is full of smoke, strong pungent smell, and crackling sound.

(3) Granular scorched substances appear on the surface.

(4) There are continuous pores at the seams.

2. Causes of scorch

(1) The temperature control is too high, causing plastic scorch.

(2) The screw has been used for a long time without cleaning, and scorched materials accumulate and are extruded with plastic.

(3) The heating time is too long, and the plastic deposit will be heated for a long time, which will cause the plastic to age, deteriorate and scorch.

(4) The parking time is too long, and the machine head and screw are not cleaned, causing the plastic to decompose and scorch.

(5) Change the mold or color for many times, causing the plastic to decompose and scorch.

(6) The head gland is not compressed, and the plastic is aging and decomposing inside.

(7) The instrument controlling the temperature failed, causing ultra-high temperature and post scorch.


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